X-Large healthy snack box

X-Large healthy snack box


Our largest and best value healthy snack box.

Ideal for 45-60 employees on a weekly basis or you can pick bi-monthly or monthly deliveries.

An assortment of bananas, oranges, PA local apples, pears, energy/breakfast bars, mix of sweet and salty snacks. Our delicious snacks rotate on a weekly basis!

Fruits: 100 / Snacks: 110 (210 pieces)

Delivery available in Pittsburgh - Oakland and Downtown surrounding areas

The Snack only option has 210 pcs. Fruit only option contains 250 pieces of fruit.

Do you need more fruit and healthy snacks? We can customize the packages to fit your needs. Just let us know how many employees and we will calculate the perfect amount.

Snacks & Fruit:
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