What do we do? 

We are a local company that delivers fruits and healthy snacks. We also shop for special events. Our clients are small businesses, university departments, research labs and start-up companies.

Why choose us vs online?

Most of the snacks and food items online have a 50% to 100% markup. We have packages that have a variety of fruits and healthy snacks.  Additionally, we save all the time and effort that it takes for an employee to shop if they do a combination of online and in store shopping.

Where do we shop?

We can shop at any store in Pittsburgh. We love to support local stores and farms for local produce while keeping costs low to cliens.

What is a typical order?

A typical order includes: healthy fruits, beverages, coffee, creamers, cereal, yogurt, breakfast bars, sweet and salty office snacks, chocolates, wine and beer. We can also shop for anything in between that your business might need for an event or special project. 

What's the price & can you stay within budget?

PIT Shop offers pre-made packages for a low price. We can also customize a package, if you only need fruits or if you only need snacks. If you have a budget in mind, we can offer the quantities appropriate for your budget.  

Our shopping service & special order pricing is simple, you make the list, we shop and deliver and charge a percentage or the total shopping receipts with no extra costs or fees. Contact us for a quote. 

Do you offer shopping for special events?

Yes. We offer custom shopping for special events such as conferences, corporate meetings, lunches, holiday celebrations, wine and cheese and TGIF events like company happy hours, just to name a few. Send us your list and we will shop for items.  

What about sales tax?

PIT Shop does not add a sales tax to your cart. The price you see is the price you get.

Any other questions?

Contact us at jvaz@pitshopnow.com