PIT Shop healthy snacks and fruit delivery service! 3 great reasons that go a long way

We have 3 great reasons that explain why having a healthy snack box or/and a fruit box in your office makes a difference:

  1. By providing healthy snacks and fruits you create a more engaging and happier place to work. Employees will enjoy arriving at work everyday and achieve work that's fulfilling to them!

  2. Attract & retain top talent. Having healthy snacks and fruits creates a healthy culture in the work environment. It helps employers attract and retain talented people.

  3. Happy employees help a company become more successful. Which means a better perks for everyone! 

Snack healthier Pittsburgh. Bringing healthy to your office. PITshop delivers fruits and healthy snacks in #pittsburgh

If your company isn’t offering free fruits and snacks, it’s time to contact us for a free sample box (Pittsburgh delivery only) http://www.pitshopnow.com/tryasamplebox