Healthy snacks and fruits for our local Fire Department

Donation to our local Fire Department

On March 10, 2017 PIT Shop donated a boxed filled with healthy snacks and fruits to the firefighters at the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Station 4.

It was great meeting the firefighters, they showed me around and we talked about working in Pittsburgh and snacking healthy.

Sometimes they receive cakes and cookies. However, they are all trying to eat healthy and loved the fruits and healthy snacks that we delivered! They also loved that we included Clif energy bars in their donation. They mentioned that these kinds of bars are filling and perfect to have after a fire call. 

PIT Shop is helping key groups in the community have access to healthy snacks. Our kids, Fire Departments and Police Departments all play very important roles in the growth of our community.

Add a PIT Cares package to your order and spread the seed of change, let our kids, Fire Departments and Police Departments know how much we care for them.