Add bananas to the mix this holiday season.

Among all the holiday sweets take some time to enjoy a banana, you will be surprised on the health benefits! Since everyone has a preference, we looked into the health benefits of an unripe vs a ripe banana.

Unripe bananas are firm and bitter to the taste with about 40 percent starch. The low glycemic index makes it take longer to digest.

Pros: high resistant starch content and a low sugar content. Also, have a probiotic bacteria that helps with good colon health. 

Cons: low antioxidant levels because these increase with the age of the banana. 

Ripe bananas contain 8 percent starch and 91 percent sugar. The high glycemic index makes ripe bananas easy to digest.

Pros: easier to digest because the resistant starch changed to a simple sugar. Bananas also obtain higher levels of antioxidants as they ripen. Fully ripened bananas produce a substance called Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF). This gives ripe bananas anti-cancer qualities as they combat abnormal cells in your body. With more age and dark patches, the banana has a higher immunity enhancement quality.

Cons: there is some micronutrient loss that happens with age of a banana. Also, the high sugar content makes ripe bananas a snack people with Type 2 Diabetes should avoid.

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