Healthy snacks for cops!

We said THANK YOU to our officers for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day! 

On January 9th, 2017, PITshop delivered a box filled with fruits and healthy snacks to the officers at the Pittsburgh Police Department Zone 5. The officers were happy & grateful for the healthy snacks. PITshop is helping key groups in the community have access to healthy snacks. Our kids, Fire Departments and Police Departments all play very important roles in the growth of our community.

Willow Moskyok, a member of the community, donated the box through our website. Thanks to her donation we were able to make this this happen. 

Snack healthier Pittsburgh. Bringing healthy to your office! Add a PITcares package to your order and spread the seed of change, let our kids, Fire Departments and Police Departments know how much we care for them.